Marco Rubio Is Ineligible To Be President

During the last couple of weeks, Donald Trump has been taking hits from all sides. First Marco Rubio resorts to insulting Trump’s hands, has dubbed the Trump a con-artist and has desperately attempted to undermine the integrity of Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio has not been alone in this effort, he has had the help of the failed Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who put in his two cents in a press conference held at 11:30 AM prior to the 11th debate, using the same rhetoric that Rubio has been touting, almost verbatim.

In the GOP debate hosted by Fox News, on March 3rd, Marco Rubio took up the same call of Ted Cruz, demanding the release of an ‘off the record’ tape, of a conversation between Donald Trump and the New York Times. Marco Rubio, took up the call for the front runner, Trump, to release his income tax returns.

Marco Rubio has walked into a trap of his own making, he has demanded Donald Trump to release records, when, he, himself, prefers that the American People disregard that the American People ‘forget’ the facts of his birth.

Our founding Fathers, stipulated in the United States Constitution, that any President of this country, must be a natural born citizen. Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen, therefore, he is ineligible to be President.

Marco Rubio’s parent’s were not citizens of the United States, upon Rubio’s birth. In fact, Marco Rubio was 4 years of age, when his parents, finally, did apply for, and become citizens.

The following link has a video of a litigation attorney, who explains in great detail, the definition of a natural born citizen, and why our founding Father’s, stipulated that any President of the United States, must be, a natural born citizen: Every American citizen deserves to know the birthright and citizenship of every candidate, before they cast their ballot.


2 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Is Ineligible To Be President

  1. All points taken. The majority of them I knew but there were quite a few I found out for the first time hrere.She should not even be running with all the allegations against her. C ruz & Rubio should not be qualified to run. And why is everyone so afraid of Trump, because he will expose our Congress & such for the corrupt entity they have become. He doesn’t need their money, so they know they can’t buy him off.
    Hopefully it will be the revolution, shake up of the system to d tart putting the country on track to be the Greatest Country and one of the most respected in the world.
    The Democrats gave away our respect & our status as the best country in the world.

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