What Are They Afraid Of?

Never in the history of the United States has there ever been a Presidential candidate, so maligned, so mistreated by the establishment, than Donald J. Trump.

Trump has taken attacks from all sides. Every political pundit, talk show host, reporter and journalist have taken a hit at him. Hillary Clinton, the democrat front runner, threw her dart, and if this was not enough, the establishment puts their hit man Mitt Romney on the front line, and he put in his two cents, prior to the 11’th GOP debate.

Why? What is the establishment so afraid of? What does Donald J. Trump know, that makes them all quake in fear? Plenty.

Donald J. Trump has not released a tenth of what he knows. Trump is one who plays his cards close to the vest, and will use the ammunition in his arsenal, carefully, and in a time that is convenient for him to do so. But, rest assured, when he unleashes, there will be no mercy, any there will not be one member of the establishment who will not be revealed for exactly who and what they are.

I find it ironic that Donald Trump is taking hits from people, who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump can take them out, at any given moment. I find it particularly fascinating that two of the Presidential candidates, who have screamed the loudest, are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are both ineligible to be on the same state as Trump, running for the highest office in this land. Neither of these two candidates are natural born citizens, and therefore ineligible to be President.

Now, Lets examine the claim in which the pundits declare that Donald Trump can not defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a general election. Firstly, Mrs. Clinton is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and could very well be indicted,  before the general election.

But, let us forget that little detail for a moment, and consider her record as Secretary Of State, in which she has the worst record of any Secretary of State in History. Lets us then consider the role that she played in the deaths of four men, in Benghazi.  Lives that could have been spared, had she answered the many pleas for help that these brave men sent to her.

Let us think about her role in  supplying arms to Libya,    even tho it was banned.

It would be remiss of me to forget to mention the  horror of  Waco,  where Hillary Clinton, insisted upon giving the go order, resulting in the deaths of 76 people, of which the majority were women, 18 children died, under the age of 8, and two were unborn, as written in the book,  Clinton’s War On Women,  written by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow. Also, please read in the same book how Bill Clinton is guilty of being a serial rapist, with a ‘signature’ of biting the lips of his victims, as a reminder to keep them silent, and read how Hillary Clinton terrorized the rape victims of her husband. Bill and Hillary Clinton are not champions of women, indeed, they ARE the War On Women. In the same book read about  Vince Foster,  a man whose life ended  way too soon,  learn about the suspicious circumstances concerning his death. Hillary Clinton has a very long ‘kill’ list.   There are many more list available online for anyone who wants to review further.

The above referenced acts are what we, the public, have access to. Imagine all of the information, that we, the common citizen, does not know, and, then.. if you can, imagine the information that Donald J Trump has, with all of his influence and connections.

Can Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in a general election? You betcha.

The establishment is terrified of Donald J Trump. Why? I found this  article  and  video many months ago, I was enlightened, and hope you will be,  as well.

Why must  Obama and Hillary stop Donald Trump  at all costs?  The  threat  that Donald Trump presents to them,  must be very dire, indeed.


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