A Time For Patriots To Unite

America.. it is time for us all to put the survival of the United States, before the survival of a party. It is time that we all unite to stand against the tyranny that has invaded our Government and is threatening the loss of our freedom.

We The People, are strong, and we are resilient. When a Government becomes so big and corrupt, that it begins to subvert and usurp the will of the people, it is time to overthrow that Government.

We can do this, without ever raising arms, or firing the first bullet. We have the power to do this. It is called the power of the ballot. We must all cast our ballot with the knowledge that if we do not win this election, America will fall.

Lets examine the candidates:
On the Republican ticket, we are down to four. John Kasich, while a good man, he is a part of the establishment that we are going to overthrow, and he can not get the number of votes needed. Kasich has been a member of the establishment, since 1983, where he served as Senator nine times. He is now the 69th Governor of Ohio.
We have TedCruz, who citizenship is being questioned. He is not a natural born citizen, being born in Calgary, Canada to a Cuban father and a mother who had applied for and received Canadian citizenship. If he were to somehow succeed in getting enough delegates, he would not be able to ever attain the White House, as the Democrats would certainly make him defend this in a court of law, and the Supreme Court will defer to the Constitution. Ted Cruz is not electable. Ted Cruz has been involved with the establishment, since 1999. He is currently a Senator from Texas, since 2013.
We have Marco Rubio, who has the same citizenship issue that Ted Cruz has, as he was born on American soil, but was born to parents who did not become citizens until 4 years after his birth, and Marco Rubio, can not win the popular vote. Marco Rubio has been a part of the establishment, since the year 2000. Marco Rubio is currently a Senator from Florida, who will not be seeking re-election.
We have Donald J Trump. This man not only has the popular vote behind him, he is self funding his campaign, will work for zero. He is a business man, who has conducted business world wide. He began with an inheritance of $1 million, and he turned it into $10 billion +. With a national debt of 19 trillion +.. we desperately need a man with the business acumen of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump feels strongly in protecting our constitutional rights. He is a proven negotiator, who has the capacity to renegotiate trade deals. Mr. Trump has warned us for many years of what was happening with our economy. We need jobs. We need manufacturing moved backed to the United States. We need to rebuild our military and we need to secure our borders. We have a very viable Leader in Donald J. Trump.

Examine the Democratic candidates:
Bernie Sanders. An admitted Socialist, who has been a part of the establishment since 1990. America is not a Socialist country, and we must not ever elect an admitted Socialist as our President. Bernie Sander has been a part of the establishment, since 1991.
Hillary Clinton. A career criminal, who has endangered our National Security and is currently under an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A woman who ignored the impassioned pleas of four brave men, who died in Benghazi, because she ignored the pleas. Ms. Clinton was a Senator of New York, beginning year, 2000. She was Secretary of State, with the worst record of any in history. Hillary Clinton is very much a part of the corrupt establishment that is threatening the sovereignty of our nation.

Of all the candidates listed above, there is one, and only one, who is not a part of the establishment that we must overthrow, to ensure our freedom. His name is Donald J. Trump, and We The People, must put personal feelings aside, and unite behind this man. We have given all of the other candidates, years of opportunity, to make positive changes for our country, and it has not happened. It is time that we give an outsider an opportunity.

The United States will not stand under any other candidate. We are under direct threat of a North American Union and a New World Order. I, am only one. But, I am one. I ask that all Patriots, unite, for the good of our country. We owe a debt of gratitude to our forefathers, for ensuring that we had the liberty to live our lives free from tyranny. We owe it to the generations that follow us, to ensure that they have this same freedom.

PATRIOTS UNITE; The Turning Away: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijeEVhWwkd4


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