Deport Illegals, Build The Wall

I am sickened by the new horror of waking up to hear that an illegal immigrant, who was once deported by the United States, back to Mexico, crept back in and went on a crime spree over two states, killing five:

I am disgusted and heart sick of the violence perpetuated on innocent civilians by illegal immigrants. This is exactly what Donald J. Trump has been talking about. He has reminded us, so often, of Kathryn (Kate) Steinle: And, Trump has talked so often of Jamiel Shaw:

These are just three horrible incidents in a very long list of horrendous acts perpetuated on innocent Americans by illegal immigrants. There are so many more:

What will it take for America to wake up and realize that we are being invaded by illegal immigrants? Why is the Establishment so against Donald J. Trump? He is the only man, to offer real solutions to illegal immigration!

Are we all going to wait until this comes to our house? No one is immune! These illegal immigrants cross and recross the border, at will. There is nothing to stop them. Our border patrol is not allowed to do their jobs.

As if this is not enough, our police departments are trying to get a bill passed to allow them to hire immigrants who are here on a green card, to work on our Police Forces. My word.. if that is not leaving the fox to guard the hen house, I don’t know what is!

To top this off, I just read where California has just passed a law, allowing illegal immigrants to vote in the Presidential race! This is unconstitutional, mass corruption and voter fraud. I wonder if I would be allowed to vote, if I just crossed the border into Mexico?

It is time for every American to sit down and consider the cost of allowing this to happen. It is time that we give serious thought, as to the Presidential candidate that will best serve ‘We The People’.

Donald J. Trump has one thing on his mind, and that is securing our borders to ensure the safety of America citizens. He does not need the power, he already has power. He does not need recognition, he already has it. He does not need money, he will work for free. He is thinking of the future of his children and his grandchildren. He is thinking of We The People.

It is past time that we all get behind this man, who has risen up and is willing to work hard to Make America Safe Again. The man who has the business acumen to overcome a 19 trillion national debt, and can Make America Wealthy Again. A man who will put his heart and soul into fulfilling his promise to Make America Great Again.


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