Civil War In America 2016

The time for choosing is past. We The People no longer have a choice between war and peace. The choice has been made for us. The only choice we have, is which side are we on? Are we on the side that seeks to preserve the United States constitution or are we on the side that is seeking to make our constitution null and void.  Are we going to stand up and demand that our sovereignty be preserved, or will be meekly submit to a New World Order, surrendering the sovereignty that our forefathers founded and preserved for us?

Great emphasis was placed on the stark contrast of these two warring factors, by the protest held outside and inside a location where a peaceful rally for Donald J Trump, 2016 Presidential republican candidate, had been planned.

Thousands of people were streaming into this locale, expecting to hear Donald Trump speak regarding his vision for America. These innocent citizens were met with a large and very vocal group of protesters, attempting to silence the voice of Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, thereby violating his first amendment right to free speech.

Unfortunately, this was not an unorganized group of people, no, indeed, this group was highly organized by a group of people who, most certainly, do not have the best interests of the United States or its citizens, at heart. This protest was highly funded, with a diversified group of people, including, domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, who was in attendance.

Several organizations, including, MoveOn.Org, funded by none other than George Soros, coordinated with the Bernie Sanders campaign in organizing this protest. This was not a peaceful rally, as at least one police officer was hit on the right side of his head with a brick, and was bleeding profusely, according to a photo that appeared on twitter.

It is worth noting, that Republican Presidential candidates, were quick to assign blame of this, not so peaceful, protest, to front-runner Donald J. Trump. We are witnessing the persecution of a great leader and christian, in an effort to derail his campaign’s momentum to gain the White House.

Civil war does not occur overnight, and this particular one has been in the making for several years, and much of the blame should and will be attributed to the current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Citizens feel strongly that this president has been working against the will of the people for several years. Indeed, the citizens of the United States, as a majority believe that Barack Obama has been attempting to whittle away our rights as laid out in the constitution of the United States of America. The forming of the Strong City Network, a joint effort between Barack Obama and the United Nations, with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has not helped matters, as this effort will enforce the laws of the United Nations, rather than the United States Constitution, targeting ‘right wing extremist’ groups.

We must go further than Barack Obama, and look at the powerful, extremely wealthy George Soros and the elite group that is determined to create a New World Order. This protest is just one example of the lengths that this group will go to, in order to fulfill this agenda. This is not Soros first rodeo, in fact, he funded the ‘Ferguson Protests’ in order to spur civil action.  It is imperative that citizens of the United States familiarize themselves with the power behind this civil war that has been created with the intent of finalizing the goal of a New World Order. Knowledge is power.

In this video you will hear George Soros briefly allude to his creation of a New World Order. Also, see his prediction of the collapse of the European Union.  In the video, you will see where Soros calls for the communist regime ruling mainland China to ‘own’ the New World Order. And, finally, the link between Barack Obama and George Soros.  We have all heard the adage, ‘follow the money’, and this has never been more applicable than in this instance, referencing Obama’s war on coal.  It would be remiss of me not to include a short biography of George Soros, so that you will know his origins.

I have written this article, not to incite violence, but, rather to educate those that are not aware of the very real threat to the sovereignty of the United States, our home land. And, also, to make voters in the upcoming elections understand the importance of electing Donald J Trump as our 45th President. If we fail to do this, there may not be a 45th President.

America, please pray for the safety of Donald Trump. This is a man, who is, literally, putting his life on the line to preserve and protect this great country that the vast majority of America dearly loves. This man foresaw the calamity that is befalling this great nation, and he has risen up, to try to prevent it. Let us all, please, unite and stand not behind him, but, beside him. We The People will determine if our country has a future. Please, reflect back to our forefathers and the many warnings that they handed down to us, regarding the necessity to protect and preserve our freedom.

May God, forever, have mercy and protect us all.


7 thoughts on “Civil War In America 2016

  1. So true, i am ready, how many of you are? #Trump is our only chance of avoiding an all out war on American soil… I am not calling for it, nor am I advocating for it, but the writing is on the wall… Please vote Trump

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  2. This is just exactly what Obama dreams of…so he can call for martial law, and suspend elections. If it kicks off, it’ll be over in 2 weeks…for you just cut off all food into the cities. BOOM…DONE.
    That said…don’t feed into this BS. WE WIN BY THE VOTE! Then if they start it, they can get crushed by police and national guard. Get a gun, ammo, and defend your home. Just put a sign saying we support our police and troops, not a bunch of radicals leftist racists.

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