Treading On Dangerous Ground

It is not often that I write about the visions that keep me awake, and burden my heart, during the darkest hours of the night, but, this night, I feel compelled to share, what God has revealed to me.

I have never heard a woman speak as boldly, or with such careless disregard as Hillary Clinton, regarding the lives of the unborn.

“The unborn person does not have constitutional rights.” ~Hillary Clinton

Firstly, this is a contradictory statement, as she refers to the unborn as a ‘person’, and this is an extremely important distinction, and is significant, as every person has the same constitutional rights.

Secondly, and much more disturbing, is the fact that she is ignoring that there is a much higher power and authority than the US Constitution.  How does one justify offending one of God’s little ones?

I can not imagine any greater offense than the taking of an innocent life.  A life that God, himself, created.

God warns us of what will happen, if we ‘offend’ one of his little ones.

One can argue the constitutionality of this matter, from now until the end of time, and it will be proven irrelevant when one has to stand and give an  account to a very real and living God. 

Do we lack understanding of God, or of his laws?  Or have we known him and deliberately chosen to trod over his words, as though they never existed?  If so, we are treading on dangerous ground.  How great a sorrow to be turned over to a reprobate mind!

Where is the motherly instinct that all women should have?  Even, nature, itself, will teach us to care for our young, to protect them, to nurture them.  This is just one example of why America is in trouble.  There is not much respect for the law’s of God or of nature.

It is time that America, as a whole, looks inward, and examines the content of our hearts.

Donald J. Trump, perhaps the greatest developer in modern history, will be the first to tell you that before one constructs a building, the first thing one does, is figure up the cost, and then he will figure up the reward, and he will consider if that particular venture is worth the initial investment that he will make.  God tells us to do this same thing.  There is a price that one pays in order to follow the Lord, and his teachings, and the rewards are great.

There are also consequences in ignoring the the laws of God, and not following his instructions.

If one invests in sin, they need to understand that there is a great price attached. A price that no man, or woman, can afford to pay and there is no profit.

My heart is broken for all of the little lives that have been snuffed out, and denied the opportunity to live long and prosperous lives.  How could a mother deny her child this favor? How callous a mother must be, to have these little ones scraped from their wombs, or their little bodies torn apart, limb by limb, and sold for financial gain, as Planned Parenthood Does?  Do people not understand, or do they just not care, that they are destroying what God, himself, has created?

As a Christian and a child of God, I am warning every living soul, that there is a price paid for sin, and America is paying it.  It is time that we turn back to God. 

Never has America sought so desperately to fix what is wrong with this country, than during this Presidential election cycle.  But, we must first understand that no matter who is elected President, unless God is included in the process our problems will only wax worse.  As kind, generous and strong as Donald J. Trump is, remember, he is just one man.

I have told you, as revealed to me,  why America is in trouble, but, God did not leave me without great hope and without a solution.  I was given the answer as to how we, how America, can overcome, and defeat our enemies.

Firstly, we must put on the whole armor of God.

Secondly, we must pray, continually, without ceasing.

There is nothing so sweet as the peace that one can feel when the darkness of night fades away, and we are blessed with a new dawn, there truly can be great joy in the morning!

Thank you, God.









5 thoughts on “Treading On Dangerous Ground

  1. So well written and so to the point and so to the heart of the matter. To answer your question, they do not believe or care that there is a God and, therefore, do not place the same value on human life that you and I do. Blessings sister. The awareness of things that you have and that others don’t is so you can share what you know with them so as to bring them closer to the Lord.


  2. Great to bring awareness for the lives who cannot speak or defend themselves.

    Abortion is “murder” and no political elite shall try to differ for their own personal goals.

    The unborn life is a life, it remind me of what it is said in the bible about someone that harms a child!


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