Patriots And Christians, United

The United States is the greatest nation on earth, but the church has been lax, and Christians have grown complacent, and we forgot where our blessings came from.  We forgot to thank our creator, and we forgot to pray.

Corruption has been allowed to creep into our White House, congress, judicial system, healthcare system, schools, and, yes.. even our churches.

Our President is using drones to kill innocent people.  

At the same time that he is doing this, he is releasing prisoners, (terrorist) from Gitmo,  who, upon being released, often return to terrorist organizations that are determined to wage jihad against the United States.

We The People are at the mercy of a man who is determined to disarm the citizen’s of the United States, and leave us defenseless against our enemies. President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have formed an alliance with the United Nations, called the Strong City Network which deems anyone who owns firearms, ammunition and target practices, worthy of imprisonment.

The Department of Justice, specifically AG Loretta Lynch is prosecuting citizens who use anti-Islam rhetoriceven though the ideology of Islam is totalitarian, and is not compatible with Christianity or the United States Constitution.

Our Congress is so corrupt that they are using hard-earned money made off the backs of hard-working Americans to fund Planned Parenthood,  which sells body parts, intact heads of innocent babies.

American citizen’s have been forced to pay for Obama healthcare program, and if they can not afford to pay it, they are then penalized.

Our Government is arming our enemies.. an enemy that they are responsible for creating.  Indeed, our Government has become wealthy from warmongering. The United States invaded Iraq, killed their leader, and destabilized the whole middle east.

Christianity is under siege, as stated by Donald J. Trump.  Everything that we once stood for is being threatened.  Christians are being forced to recognize homosexuality, which is condemned from Genesis to Revelations.

Our Government refuses to close our borders, instead, they have devised ways to reward the illegal aliens, who seek to harm us. They create Sanctuary Cities,  which shelter these people.  They are provided healthcareare issued drivers license, and allowed to vote in some cities.  These illegal aliens bring diseases to our Country and unleash them on innocent American’s.

Our Government is seeking to create a New World Order, one world Government, one cashless currency and one religion. Unfortunately, this religion they are seeking is not Christianity, it is Islam.  In order for this New World Order to form, every nation must surrender its sovereignty.

Christians are being burned alive, drowned, tortured, beheaded and crucified, because of their faith.  These vicious acts are being celebrated in the streets, and they think that they are ‘winning’.

But, cheer up, brethren!   Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Although Christians are being persecuted and some are being slaughtered like sheep, God has not forsaken us, and victory will be ours.

This video gave me great hope, it is a prophecy that was written by Mark Taylor, on April 28, 2011, several years ago, regarding Donald J. Trump, and how he has been chosen to lead this country out of bondage and free us from a corrupt and tyrannical government.

Donald Trump is just one man.. a tool, that God has chosen, to do his work.  We The People have a job to do, too.  It is our duty to stand with this man, and proclaim that God is the author and the finisher, he is Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the end.

There has been a turning away, from God, from the instructions that he gave us, and from the wisdom that our forefathers have passed down to us.

We The People, as patriots and Christians, must not accept what the Government is doing.. we must rise up, as one, and denounce all of the corruption and the ungodly acts that are being committed.  Donald Trump is despised, and he is being rejected by the enemy, because he will not bow down and accept their instructions, they are determined to stop him at any cost, just as they are determined to destroy Christianity.

The ‘establishment’ is shaking.  Great fear has come upon them, because they know that the layers of corruption are being peeled back, and they are being exposed for, exactly, who and what they are.

It is time that We The People, unite, and stand, as one.



2 thoughts on “Patriots And Christians, United

  1. Amen.. Look what God is doing.. This is the first day of the Republican Convention and Donald Trump will officially be named the Republican nominee. I am so grateful and humbled to see our Father work, in a way that only he can. God bless you, and continue to pray, without ceasing.


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