Donald Trump, Persecuted

It is a shame, and a disgrace, that we live in a society where a man is persecuted for an act of kindness.  We live in a society that rewards evil, and punishes good.  Where is the gratitude?

Donald J. Trump is a man who followed his heart, and executed a plan, to raise awareness and financial support for our Veterans, and as a result, he is being held in contempt by a corrupt media and a heartless, uncaring group of citizens who are intent on destroying the reputation and credibility of a good man.  A true patriot who loves the men and women who have served this country, and who is determined to do right by them, regardless of how little our corrupt government has done on their behalf.

He raised a pledged amount of approximately $6 million in one night, and this amount of money was pledged by, We The People, and close friends and associates of  Mr. Trump.  As these funds have come in and became available, they have been dispersed, and will continue to be.. however, this is not sufficient.  Where is the gratitude?

Our government has  cut the benefits of our Veteran’s to make way for special immigrant visa programs.  I have always believed, as Donald Trump does, that our veterans should come first.

What kind of people are those that can possibly fault a man for showing compassion.. exercising generosity and extending a selfless act of kindness to the men and women who have served this country?

The media holds Donald Trump to a much higher standard than they do other people.  I ask myself, why?  The answer is obvious.. because he holds a higher standard.  In this video you will see Michel Cohen defend Donald Trump in regards to his efforts to help our vets, and you will see him defend Mr. Trumps loyalty to his friends.

When we look back to when Donald Trump defended Bill Clinton, we should all remember, that Mr. Clinton had a 73% approval ratingin 1998.  Mr. Bill Clinton had the vast majority of people fooled.  I was one of them.  I admire Donald Trump for his loyalty to his friends, and I admire his willingness to call them out, whenever they prove themselves to be traitors.

I was only too willing to believe that the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, could never be capable of the acts that these women were accusing him of.  I am guilty of believing that they may have had ulterior motives, and for this, I will forever be ashamed.  However, once I found out truth, I was one of the first to stand up and condemn this man as being the serial rapist that he is.

I was one of the women who felt compassion for Hillary Clinton, and I admired her for standing beside her husband.  Until, I found out truth.  When I found out that Hillary Clinton not only was aware of the vicious rapes of women, by her husband, but, that she actually enabled him, I was one of the first to call her out, and will continue to do so.

Can I condemn Donald Trump for believing wholeheartedly that Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, was being falsely accused?  No.  I can’t.  In fact, as a patriot, I was devastated.  Donald Trump is a human being.  He is not perfect.  However, he is a man who will stand by his friends, who will remain true to who he is and what he believes, and will admit when he is wrong.

Donald Trump will do right for the brave men and women who have stood and fought for not only the rights of all Americans, but for the rights of the oppressed, world-wide.  He is a man who will put America first.

It is time that every American step back, and examine the content of our hearts.  Who are we?  Are we a society that will reward evil and persecute the righteous?  Or are we a society of people who are willing to sit down and examine the facts, before passing judgment? Never, in all of my 48 years have I seen a man persecuted more than Donald J Trump, for trying to do what is right for his fellow-man and his country.

I certainly do not share the same political views and friends today, that I did twenty-five years ago.. do you?

They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul.” Psalms 35:12 kjv 


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