The Man Within

I was mesmerized as I watched Eric Trump give a speech at the Republican National Convention.  He is a man who has inherited his father’s compassionate heart, generous spirit, and wisdom.  These truths were reflected in his words.  The words that he spoke were from his heart, written by his own hand.

As I listened to Eric Trump speak, I received tremendous insight into the heart and mind of his father, Donald J. Trump.  The claim that some have made, that Mr. Trump is brash, boisterous and narcissistic, was denied by the words that Eric Trump spoke, and the earnestness with which he spoke them.

Eric Trump brought to light, the man who exists within, the strong, bold exterior of his father.  He spoke of his father’s intelligence, wisdom and vision.  He spoke of his ability to get things done, on time and under budget.  He spoke of a man who has been blessed with the American dream.

And, then he spoke of a man who loves his country, so much, that he was willing to put the fruits of that dream aside, and give back to the country that had given him so much.  He spoke of the many reasons that his father wanted to be President of this great country, and none of those reasons were selfish.

Last night, Eric Trump spoke to those who were unemployed, sitting at home, wondering how they were going to make their next mortgage or rent payment.  He spoke to the veteran who is sitting in his hospital, who has been ignored or disrespected.  He spoke to the school teacher, to the laborer, forced out of a job by illegal immigrants, to the oil and gas industry worker denied a job, to single mothers, to middle class families, to families with special needs children.  He said, My father is running for you.  Eric Trump spoke to the hearts of America.

And, after all of these things, the one thing that stood out to me, most prominently, was the most humble expression on his father’s face, as his son paid tribute to him.  I saw a man who was humbled and grateful for the love that was reflected in the face of his son, as he spoke with conviction, from his heart, of the example that his father had been to him.

Eric Trump said, clearly, “To whom much is given, much will be required.”  Donald Trump, his father, has been blessed with much, and, I am grateful that he has risen to the task of fulfilling the requirements made of him in return for all that he has been given.

“But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”  Matthew 23:11