The Black Pope – The Missing Link – The Most Powerful Man In The World

In order for me to write this article and allow myself, and you, to share it, the following information had to be included: 

Note: The following article is from the May 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM Newspaper. Public use of this article is permitted as long as origin of the article and contacting information for The SPECTRUM accompanies the article. Contacting information for The SPECTRUM is as follows:Website:

E-mail address:
Telephone: 1(877) 280-2866 toll-free (US & Canada) 1(661) 823-9696 (All others)
Regular mail: 9101 West Sahara Ave., PMB158, Las Vegas, NV 89117

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The following links, that I will provide are, perhaps, the most informative sites that you will ever visit, as an American citizen.  You owe it to yourself to read the entire 2 links, and you owe it to the world, to share it.  

You will find the following issues discussed and, or, answered:

Who controls the media?

Why did James Madison, a Baptist Calvinist,  write the first, and second, amendment?

Why The Holy Bible must never be taken away from the USA.

Who really killed President Kennedy, and why.

 Why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Who controls International Intelligence?  CIA, FBI, KGB, Israeli Mossad, German BND, and the British SIS.

Why did Ronald Reagan formally recognize the sovereign state of Vatican city in 1984?

Was Ronald Reagan a traitor?

The Council of Trent vs. The Protestant Reformation.

Peters Pence = US Foreign Aid.

What is the sword of  the spirit?  The sword of defense?

How does President Harry Trumans emergency War Powers Act of 1950, factor into the Jesuit agenda?

Did Rome want the Viet Nam war?

Who controls the Drug Trade?

Does the USA have a Concordat?

Who actually built the CIA, and why?

What is the Textus Receptus?  Why is the King James Version of the Bible so important?

Who controls the American Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR)?

World War 1 prepared the land for the people, World War 11 prepared the people for the land and World War 111 (The Battle Of Armageddon)  will prepare the people for their Messiah.

Why do we have high level treason and betrayal of the Jewish people?

Why is the Cardinal of New York called ‘the military vicar’?

Where was the Nation of Islam founded?

What is the relationship between Communism and Freemasonry?

Where do the Jesuits fit into Communism and Freemasonry?

Who led the German revolution?

Who caused the French Revolution?

Was the Cold War a hoax?  Was the missile crisis in 1962 a hoax?

Why was Gen. Patton and General Vlasov murdered and how?  Who ordered their assassination?

Are there factional divisions within the CIA?

Who was behind Waco?

Why William F. Buckley blamed Oswold as the ‘lone’ assassin?

What is the Council of the 33rd degree and where is it located?

Why is the Kennedy assassination is the ‘Achilles heel of the Jesuits’?

What was the purpose of the cold war?

Why did the US Government give the nuclear device to Joseph Stalin, in 1943?

Why did the cold war go into China?

Which Bush was a Knight of Malta?

Why God’s men must get control of the State.

Will the Roman catholic people be sacrificed, if so, why?

Will the Catholic Church.. The Vatican, be destroyed, and if so, who will destroy?

What will incapacitate Lupus, destroy Hepatitis, Meningitis, and HIV?

Bill Clinton was trained by who?

Why the Clinton’s are untouchable.

What is the Dispensation of Grace, and why is it so important?





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