A Time For Choosing

We have all campaigned for our candidate, we have spent much time doing research, listening to opinions and observing the ridiculous antics of newscasters, political pundits and journalists with amusement, or frustration, depending on the conversation.

We have one Presidential debate behind us, and we are all waiting, anxiously, for the second debate that will be held tonight.  Yes!  The day has arrived and none of us know what will transpire, as the gloves have been removed and the stakes have never been higher.

Never has a race for the White House been more entertaining, or filled with more passion than election, 2016.  We have it all.. sex, lies, videotapes, rape, murder, terror and betrayal, just pick your poison.

This election is comparable to a high stakes poker game, being played out on a world stage, and everyone has a stake.  But, the people with the highest stake are the citizens of the United States, and this is why I am writing this article.

This is a time for choosing.  Just as our forefathers before us had to choose.  The United States is and has always been a sovereign nation, but this can change.  There are those who seek to destroy the freedoms that we have been afforded thru the patriotism and the wisdom of our forefathers, who drew up the constitution, for our benefit and protection.

The Supreme Court of the United States is in the pot.  Whoever we elect President will be nominating Justices, and those Justices will determine the direction that our country will take for the next few decades.  If you want a liberal court, you will, of course, cast your vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  If you want a conservative court, choose Donald Trump.

If you want to keep your guns, choose Donald Trump.  If you want the second amendment abolished, choose Hillary Clinton.

If you have regard for the sanctity of life, choose Donald Trump, as he is pro-life and will defund Planned Parenthood.  If you are into population control, choose Hillary Clinton, as she is a very strong supporter and advocate for Roe vs. Wade, and believes that unborn persons have no constitutional rights, and supports partial birth abortions.

If you want a country, without borders, and no enforcement of existing immigration laws, choose Hillary Clinton, her desire for open borders was made very clear in the latest wikileak release.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, believes that in order for one to have a country, then one must have borders.  He believes in law and order, and would enforce existing immigration laws to the letter.

If you are satisfied with the economy, your job, and the 19+ trillion dollar national debt that we have accumulated, by all means, choose Hillary Clinton, as she will continue with the same policies as Barack Obama.  Indeed, she may very well add another 6 trillion to our already crippling debt.

If you want more jobs, manufacturing and have a desire to lower the national debt, then choose Donald Trump, as he has the business acumen required to make better trade deals, has built a multi billion dollar company, and has created tens of thousands of jobs all of his adult life.

But, whatever you do, whatever choice you make, do it knowing that there are those who wish to establish a New World Order, and this can only be achieved if Hillary Clinton is elected.  If you are tired of being free and you are hearing the call of Islam, then cast your ballot for the first female President.

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is a nationalist, and will put America first.  He has no desire to surrender sovereignty to to a body of Sharia compliant nations, indeed, he has vowed to protect Christianity.

If you want nationalism, choose Donald Trump.  If you want globalism, choose Hillary Clinton.  The choice has never been more clear, and the choice is yours to make.

Having said all of this, grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy what is sure to be a fascinating evening!  This debate will be held in the form of a townhall meeting, so one knows what questions will be asked by the audience.  It is delightful!

We will all be glued to the TV,  secretly hoping that our candidate deals a death blow to the opponent, and glaring daggers if our candidate is hit with a low blow.  Trump supporters will be watching to see if Hillarys eyes are crossing, and praying that she will fall flat of her back, never to recover!

Meanwhile, Clinton supporters will be waiting for the trap to spring on Trump, confident that their candidate will pull another Machado, or Khan out of her arsenal, crippling Trump, humiliating him, so that he will be forced to admit defeat, for all the world to see!

Vladimir Putin will be paying rapt attention, waiting for the next accusation or accolade to be laid upon him, secretly relishing in the fact that he is playing a prominent role in the election process of the United States, thanks to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico will be watching, anxious to know if he is going to get to pay for a wall or a bridge on the southern border, as Trump is determined to build a wall, and Clinton is all about building bridges.

The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, will be watching, praying to Allah, that Hillary Clinton is elected, having grown quite fond of the cash flow from the US government. Terrorism is flourishing and the coffers of Iran have been replenished by the Obama administration.

Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, will be watching closely, praying that Donald Trump is elected, trusting that he will be the friend to Israel that the Obama administration has not been.

George Soros is keeping an eagle eye out, wondering why Hillary Clinton has not already finished Trump off, after all, he has invested millions of dollars in who is sure to be the first female President of the United States.  He is getting old, and would like to see the destruction of the USA, so that his dream of a New World Order can be enacted, before he dies.

The group, Black Lives Matter, will be watching, waiting on further instructions, wondering which city they will be paid to terrorize, riot and loot next.

All of hollywood will be tuned in, to see if they need to drag their luggage out and start packing, as many have promised to leave the USA if Donald Trump is elected.

Les Deplorables and the Bucket of Losers, will be cheering Trump on.. shouting at the TV, as only uneducated, irredeemable, non Americans can.

It’s a great day to be alive!  Lets debate.