Toppling Assad

Whose sarin?

The Red Line and the Rat Line.

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels 


Trump Warns Assad Will ‘Pay Heavy Price’ If He’s Plotting Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

The Latest: Trump says Syria truce opportunity with Russia  

Based on the above referenced links, I am of the very strong opinion that we need to work with Russia in order to defeat ISIS, and then we need to get out of Syria.

Barack Obama wanted to topple Assad, and for this reason alone, it would probably be best that Assad be left in power.  After all, look what happened when Saddam Hussein was removed from power and killed.  Or, for that matter consider the state that Libya is in, after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton toppled Muammar Gaddafi and he was killed.  Have we learned nothing from these atrocities?

And, how much can President Trump rely on the information from intelligence agencies, who have been exposed as being corrupt, already?  Assad claims that he has no chemical weapons and Hillary Clinton supplied sarin gas to the Syrian rebels, from the stockpiles in Libya.  One thing is certain, the American people and President Trump has not supplied chemical weapons to anyone, and what is happening there is not going to be laid at our door.

The deep state is working overtime to create chaos in an attempt to undermine President Trump, and would love to see him buy into Obama’s agenda of toppling Assad, leaving our military to engage in another 16 years of training the enemy and nation building.

Currently the Obama administration owns what is happening in Syria.  I vote that we leave it that way.

Defeat ISIS, and Get Out!


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