O Ye, Of Little Faith!

To all the great patriots who have worked diligently to see Donald J. Trump elected, please remember why we devoted 16 hour days to see him named President.

We did not want 8 more years of Obama, which is what we would have had under Hillary Clinton.  We wanted to maintain our sovereignty, and resist the United Nations, George Soros, and the Vanderbilts desire for implementing a New World Order.

I have been hearing rumblings about some of the people who President Elect Trump has appointed to various positions.  I want to remind you that we are not having to work with the people that Trump appoints.. he is.

If Trump feels confident that he can keep his promises to We The People, working with the people who he has selected, we need to support his decisions.

We don’t know what Trump knows.  We don’t know what prompted him to arrive at the decisions that he makes.  But, what we do know, is that he loves this country, the constitution and our flag.  We do know that he will remain neutral in the investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  He has appointed Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and we know him to be a man of principle and one who will properly handle the evidence that the FBI submits to him.  President Elect Trump would be remiss if he interfered with these investigations, he is right not to go on a political witch hunt.  This is a matter of law, and is best left to those who know it best.

Governor Haley has been appointed as Ambassador to the United Nations, and she is well qualified.  There are others who may have had more foreign policy experience, but she will serve the USA well, as she is a minority, a woman, and she embraces diversity, which is important when dealing with Nations who are diverse, in religion, culture, and political views.  Haley may have supported a different candidate in the Presidential race, but that is what freedom of choice is.  It is good that both President Elect Trump and Nikki Haley, can put the election behind them and are willing to work together for the good of this country.

Lastly, we have trusted President Elect Trump since the day that he announced that he was running for President.  Oftentimes, we have questioned things that the media would throw out there, but.. we did not falter, we continued to believe in Trump, and our faith was rewarded when the truth would come out, and Trump would be proven right, yet again.

President Elect Trump has not even taken office, yet, and already good things are happening in the USA!  We have businesses that were moving to Mexico that have decided to stay in our country.  We have the Stock Market at an all time high.. dow above 19k! breaking records. The investigations into the Clinton Foundation and her emails, continue.  The disastrous TPP deal is dead.

We are patriots.  We are American Citizens.  We are united.  Lets remain united!  Let us continue to give President Elect Trump an opportunity to make all the things happen, that he promised us would happen.  I believe in him.  I believe that he is a man, whose word is his bond.  He has a bond with the American people, and he will honor his promises.

God Bless The USA!

Open Letter To Congress

I realize that you are all corrupt, and are indebted to special interest groups and donors, however, this does not allow for your inaction in addressing treasonous activity, regardless of the position that the perpetrator holds.

In this particular instance, I am referring to your lack of attention and inaction referencing President Barack Obama.  Are you going to  allow our country to fall into the hands of the United Nations?  Have you no regard for the sovereignty of the United States?  Are you going to ignore the fact that Barack Obama is using executive action to surrender our nation to the UN?

Our forefathers drew up a constitution to protect us from, exactly, this type of behavior.  Since when has the United States sponsored terrorism?  This is exactly what Barack Obama did, when he gave $400,000,000.00 to Iran for release of hostages, thereby painting a target on any American traveling abroad.

Barack Obama is set to give the internet to foreign entities on October 1st, 2016.  This means the internet Assigned Numbers Authority responsible for interpreting numerical addresses on the web to a readable language will move from control of the United States to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a multi-stakeholder body based in Los Angeles, that includes countries such as Russia and China.  This means that they can shut down the internet, in whole, or in part at any given time and can censor any IP address, and anything else they don’t want the public to know.  There will be no accountability.

Barack Obama has effectively sold the United States out, by adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.. (Agenda 2030).  This agenda will transform the world, affecting all of our lives, our country and the world.  The United States citizens have no desire or interest in transforming the world.  We are concerned with maintaining the sovereignty of the United States.

When Barack Obama and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, signed the Strong City Network agreement with the United Nations, this allowed for the targeting of ‘right wing extremists’, which is defined in the agreement, as anyone who owns guns, owns ammunition and target practices.  This equates to every gun owner in the United States, as one can not operate a gun, without ammunition, and one can not properly use a gun, without target practicing.

James Madison drew up the 1st amendment to protect our Bibles, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, which, biblically speaking, equates to the sword of the spirit.  Mr. Madison drew up the second amendment, in order to ensure that We The People, can protect the first amendment. The second amendment, is known as the sword of defense, as explained in this article.

Next, Barack Obama signed a ratified climate change deal, called the Paris Agreement, without congressional approval, or any input from the citizens of the United States.

Barack Obama has disregarded the wishes of the United States citizens, and the Governors of states, and is bringing Syrian Refugees into this country and placing them in our states.  We The People could not have made it any more clear than we already have.  We do not want to be invaded by a society of people who do not share our values.  These ‘refugees’ have been infiltrated by terrorists, and we don’t know who the rest of them are.  The United States government has admitted that they have no way of properly vetting these people, therefore, they should not be allowed to enter this country and dwell in our cities and neighborhoods.  What we do know is that only a small portion of these people are christians.  One only has to look at Germany, and what is happening to the citizens of that country to know what allowing people who share a different ideology from ones own, will bring forth.

These Syrian Refugees can not and will not ever be able to assimilate and integrate into our society, as they all share a totalitarian ideology that is in direct conflict with our own United States constitution.  We, as American citizens should be allowed to choose who enters and resides in this country.  People are being beheaded, stoned, raped, drowned, set on fire, tortured and killed by people who share their ideology.  Muslims do not even respect dogs, which people in America treat as family members, pets.  They torture and kill them, because they consider them unclean.

This is not the America that we want to hand to our children and grand children.  Our forefathers have bled, fought and died to preserve a free country for us, and we, the citizens of this country are willing to do the same, to prevent our country from losing its sovereignty.  We will never bow to Islam.

Congress has a duty to protect the United States constitution, and anything, or anyone, who threatens our constitution or the people of this country are an enemy and should be treated as such.

Barack Obama has betrayed this country by planting people of the Muslim Brotherhood inside our government agencies.  When a three star General of the United States goes on the record with this information, we believe him.

The Department of Homeland Security has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, planted there by none other than the Barack Obama administration, and they are now threatening to become involved in State elections.  If our computers are vulnerable to being hacked, we should use paper ballots, we can still count.  We do not want or need help from an organization created by former President George Bush, that has been corrupted by Islam ideology.

Barack Obama is well aware that we have existing immigration laws that he refuses to enforce, thereby, allowing an influx of illegal immigrants to enter this country, taking jobs away from the American people.  The southern border is open to any and everyone who wants to cross into our country, and this includes terrorists.

Once these people step onto American soil, they become criminals, as they have not entered legally, and are undocumented.  Our government does not send them back where they come from, instead,  they are provided with assured safety and protection in Sanctuary Cities.

Instead of indicting and prosecuting Hillary Clinton,  for compromising our national security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation are protecting her.  Her actions go way beyond being merely careless, they are criminal, and yet?  President Barack Obama endorsed her and stated that there was nobody any more qualified to run our country.

When our government fails to protect the citizen’s of this country, we are left with no choice but to protect and defend ourselves.  I am begging you, Congress, to do your jobs.  Begin the impeachment process and remove Barack Obama from office, as he is a threat to every citizen in this country.

Not every citizen in the United states is aware of just how deeply corrupt our government is, but there are a vast majority that are.

President Barack Obama has a vision of the United States becoming one of a body of Sharia compliant nations, implementing a New World Order, allowing for one currency, one religion and one government.  This is not a vision that the American people will ever embrace.

If Congress doesn’t do their job, we will use our first and second amendment rights to ensure that the United States remains a sovereign nation, and that our families are protected from a man who has proven himself to be a traitor to this country and the citizens therein.  This is why they were drawn up, included and adopted in 1791, by James Madison, in our Bill Of Rights.

The citizens of the United States are peaceable people.  We have no desire to ever use violence or initiate conversation that would endanger the people of this country.  I believe that we deserve a President who shares our values.

This letter will be shared many times on social media, many citizens will see that this is done.  If, by chance this letter is removed from the internet, another will take its place.  I am a citizen of this country, a christian and a patriot.  I will not be silenced, nor will I ever comply to any law other than God’s, and those laid out in the United States constitution, and my sentiments are shared by hundreds of millions of citizens in this country.

I think that Ronald Reagan said it best in this video, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to, this is the last stand on earth.” ~Ronald Reagan



Renewed Hope

The great state of Indiana voted tonight, and they handed Donald Trump a decisive victory. Ted Cruz recognized this, and I commend him for living up to his word, and withdrawing from the race, when he realized that he had no viable pathway to the nomination.  When Ted Cruz withdrew from the race for the White House, that sealed the nomination for Donald J Trump.

There is one lone man who is living in a fantasy land, and that is John Kasich.  What he hopes to gain from staying in this race, I can not fathom, as he has absolutely no path to victory.   In fact, his peers need to demand that he remove himself from the process, so that the Republican party can concentrate on winning the White House in the general election.

Ted Cruz has so many good people who support him, as strongly as Trump supporter’s have supported Trump, and there are a lot of disappointed people, who feel hurt and even angry that Cruz withdrew from the race.   Both, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump realize this. But, there is one thing that they both have in common, and that is a strong desire to have the Republican party unify.

Both, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would want us to put our differences aside, and unite as one, to defeat the Democratic party, and win the White House.

The next President will be appointing three or four Supreme Court Justices and we, as a country, can not afford for those appointees to be anything, but conservatives.  We The People want our constitutional rights protected.  We want our freedom of speech protected, and we want our right to bear and keep arms protected.  If the democratic party wins the White House and appoints these judges, they will, of a certainty, be liberals who will whittle at the constitution, until it will not be recognizable.

Bernie Sanders, may very well have the popular vote, however this is irrelevant, as the Democratic powers that be, will never allow anyone but Hillary Clinton to be the nominee. The super delegates are aligned against him, therefore, we know that it will be Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.  I am confident that Bernie Sanders supporters will not support a Clinton presidency, and I am looking forward to them throwing in with us, to deny her the victory.

The people who have supported Ted Cruz, are true patriots.  Therefore, knowing how much that they love this country, and how conservative they are, I know that when push comes to shove, they, too, will unite in order to prevent a Clinton Presidency.  I have talked to thousands of Cruz supporters, and the majority have all stated from day one, that if Ted Cruz was not the nominee, then they would support whoever the Republican nominee is.  The majority of Ted Cruz supporters are Christians, and true to their word.

Taking all of these things into consideration, I feel great hope tonight.  I have renewed hope that although America is on the brink of losing her sovereignty to a New World Order, I have faith that God is working and if we will work with him, we can save this great nation, that we all love.

I don’t know who Donald Trump will choose for a Vice President, but, whether it be Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Allen West, Newt Gingrich, Senator Sessions, Governor Mike Huckabee or Governor Christy, we must all unite and support the decision.

We can not rest.. not even for a moment.  Our enemies are very powerful, and their greed has no boundaries.  If Donald Trump wins the White House, they know that the party is over, and it will be time to pay the piper.  They have partied, way too long, and have done it at the expense of the hard-working men and women in this country.  Everybody reaps what they sow, and the seeds of corruption that the establishment has sown, has come up, and corruption abounds on every side.  It is time for the harvest!  Corruption must be destroyed.

Patriots, we have a fight ahead.  You and I will never fight for a more worthy cause, than saving this country.  We owe it to our sons, daughters and grandchildren to fight this battle and ensure that they have the same freedoms that we have always had.

We, Patriots, are dedicated when it comes to defending what we believe in, and we all believe in liberty and justice for all.

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”